Completed Projects

AHA has experience in many forms of affordable housing development and management, including manufactured home parks, group homes, single family town homes, single family fee simple, large and small scale multifamily housing, single room occupancy units, and mixed use condominium sites. The Alliance has successfully financed over 385 units of affordable housing.

It maintains a rental portfolio of 380 units and has partnered with numerous municipalities to develop a low impact rental option to the affordable housing plans. The Alliance “helps with housing”.

Asbury Park

Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Ave A and Prospect Ave

  • Acquisition and new construction of 12 single family homes as part of a multi-million dollar HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Program coordinated with Habitat for Humanity and Interfaith Neighbors.
  • Currently, 5 homes occupied with Lease to Purchase residents.
  • Financing included $285,000 HOME, agency equity and private bank loans.


Pine Tree Manufactured Home Park

  • Acquisition and reconstruction of a 120 unit manufactured home park.
  • Upgrades include 30 new units and code compliant foundations.
  • New water and natural gas system including multiple on site hydrant systems.
  • Pilot solar panel services on five units, new community center, laundry and children’s playground.
  • Funding included Eatontown municipal contribution, DCA-Balanced Housing, Neighborworks America, Robinhood Fund, Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund, and private financing.

Rose Court Group Home

  • The Alliance has converted a single family home into a four unit group home.
  • Project funded through Municipal Housing Trust Fund and NJHMFA: Special Needs Housing Partnership Loan Program.
  • Transferred to Enable Inc. to operate and maintain.

Spring House

  • In April 2013, AHA merged with the Homing Corporation, the parent organization of Spring House and permanent financing was finalized.
  • The Spring House property includes three buildings with a total of 8 units.
  • The project was funded through a combination of TD Bank loan, Capital One Grant, and FEMA.
  • Approvals have been received for the construction of seven rental units on the site.


The Monmouth Highlands Apartments

  • Purchased from Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). 16 units rental housing to low and very low-income tenants.
  • Funding provided through Monmouth County Home funds and Sovereign Bank private financing.


Grandview Apartments

  • 131 units of rental housing to very low income individuals and families.
  • Created Ownership Corporation with a 60% tenant membership. Helped to establish and maintain viable tenant association.
  • $8.5 million LIHPRA grant received/$4.5 million dedicated to renovations.  $300,000 County HOME grant.
  • Two million in  green renovations coordinated over the past two years.

Viking House, Keansburg

  • Acquisition and total renovation of an existing boarding home. 18 single resident units.
  • Financed through NJHMFA Boarding Home Loan, NJ DCA Home Funds for Construction, and Revolving Housing Development Demonstration Program (DCA).


Beacon Place Condominium Apartments

  • 28 units in three buildings comprising 4 one bedrooms, 8 three bedrooms and 16 two bedroom apartments.
  • Acquisition funded by $1,460,000 loan from Amboy Bank, a short term loan of $100,600 from the DCA and a short term loan of $50,000 from the Community Loan fund (CLF).  The short term loans were replaced with an Affordable Housing Subsidy of $152,124 from the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB).

Park Road Apartments

  • Purchase of 6 townhomes using HUD funding and private financing as a partnership between Mental Health Association and the Alliance.
  • Project developed as a partnership with a private contractor seeking to meet his affordable housing obligation.
  • Funded through HUD Funding for Acquisition, McKinney Grant, and Valley National Bank Private Financing.


Millstone House

  • 11-unit rooming house is part of the township’s affordable housing plan.
  • Funding included nearly $300,000 from Monmouth County Home Funds, $490,000 from NJ State Home and $105,000 from the Federal Home Loan Bank.
  • In 2012, AHA utilized NeighborWorks America funding to implement a Green Rehabilitation Plan.

Millstone Units (Coming Soon):

10 units of age restricted housing  for low and moderate income residents.  Occupancy expected June of 2015.

Novad Court

  • A single family home owned by the Alliance and developed in partnership with Millstone Township.
  • Transferred to the Alliance from Millstone Township for $1.

Novad Court Group Home

  • Group home for 6 individuals.
  • Financed through NJHMFA loan, Municipal Trust Fund contribution and NeighborWorks.

Burnt Tavern Group Home

  • Group home for 6 individuals.
  • Financed through NJHMFA loan, Municipal Trust Fund contribution and NeighborWorks.


Bangs Avenue, Neptune

  • Single family acquisition with private financing.
  • Financed through Two Rivers Community Bank loan.

6th Avenue, Neptune

  • Acquisition and renovation of a single family home in Neptune to serve as a single family group living facility for aging out youth.
  • The group home is leased to Catholic Charities, who will provide resident managers and social services to the residents.
  • Project financed with funds from HMFA and DCA.

Carver Inn, Neptune Township

  • The acquisition, demolition and reconstruction of an old hotel into 14 age restricted units for low and moderate income residents.
  • Funding was provided by Monmouth County Home Funds, FHLB, DCA and bank financing.


Oceanport Manor Apartments

  • 6 apartment units consisting of 2 two bedroom units and 4 one bedroom units.
  • The Initial funding sources were a $252,000 loan from Sovereign Bank and a short term loan of $50,000 from the Borden Foundation.
  • Additional funding for the renovation and alterations is being provided by Monmouth County HOME ($80,000) and an Affordable Housing Subsidy of $75,000 from the FHLB.

Red Bank

Dr. James Parker Boulevard, Red Bank

  • A single family two bedroom house.
  • Purchased outright from another non-profit with a $97,930 loan from Valley National Bank.

Spring Lake


Warren Ave. Apartments, Spring Lake

  • Partnered with the Municipality of Spring Lake to develop 4 newly constructed rental units on a vacant parcel of land.
  • Financed through Spring Lake Municipal Funds and Disaster Relief Funds.