Education and Counseling

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Education and Counseling

The AHA provides a range of services for citizens, municipalities and organizations, from planning, creating and managing affordable housing to education and individual counseling, with its ultimate mission to move lives forward with strength, optimism and housing resources.

Homeowner Programs

The AHA offers workshops, counseling and programs specifically created for current homeowners.

Our goal is to provide as much information and assistance to those who are in need of financial assistance, information and guidance as possible.

Homebuyer Programs

The AHA assists first-time homebuyers to determine their mortgage readiness and to better understand the home buying process through group workshops and one-on-one home buying counseling.

Other Programs

In addition to homeowner and homebuyer programs, the AHA also provides a number of other opportunities to educate and assist individuals, communities and organizations in all aspects of affordable housing.


The AHA stores the most up-to-date information, applications and paperwork needed for renters, homebuyers and homeowners including information on financial institutions and state and federal guidelines.