Derrick T. Griggs

Chief Operating Officer

Derrick is an experienced financial management professional with success in strategic planning, asset management, budget development, business valuation, integration- domestic and international experience. Mr. Griggs has extensive financial modeling experience in NPC, RPO and DCF.  Prior to working for the Alliance, Mr. Griggs was COO of HANDS, Inc. Orange, New Jersey.  Mr. Griggs received an MBA in International Business from Rutgers University School of Management. He was hired in 2012 to respond to the increased administrative tasks
created by the response requests to Super Storm Sandy.

Derrick Griggs graduated from the Achieving Excellence Program in January 2018. This is a NeighborWorks America 16-month Executive Leadership Program in collaboration with Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. Learnings from this program where instrumental in the Affordable Housing Alliance success in closing two Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects.  The successful completion of these projects will position AHA to be a player in future LIHTC projects in Monmouth County.

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